About Us

MERKUR nepremičnine, d.d.

Merkur was founded in 1896 and it developed into the international Merkur Group with more than 2,800 employees. On 9 January 2014, new compulsory settlement proceedings were initiated over the managing company, Merkur, d. d. The financial restructuring plan envisaged the spin-off of the viable parts of the company, the anticipated sale of which, together with the sale of the assets unimportant in business terms, would be used to pay off the creditors of Merkur, d.d. in the bankruptcy proceedings of Merkur, d.d., The Merkur Group ceased to exist with the confirmation of the new compulsory settlement over the managing company, Merkur, d.d.

The viable parts of the company, Merkur trgovina, d.d., with trade as its principal activity, and MERKUR nepremičnine, d.d., the core activity of which is the lease of own real estate and the management of own and other real estate, were entered into the court register with the confirmation of the new compulsory settlement and they started operating on 13 November 2014. Bankruptcy proceedings were initiated over Merkur, d.d., on 14 November 2014.

On the basis of the abovementioned facts, Merkur nepremičnine, d.d., took over Merkur, d.d.’s rights and obligations from signed contracts and agreements in accordance with the spin-off plan.

Basic information:
Company seat: Cesta na okroglo 7, 4202 Naklo
Registration number: 67231144000
ID for VAT: SI77392060
Telephone: +3864 258 7000
E-mail: info@merkurnepremicnine.si


Business activity of MERKUR nepremičnine, d.d.:

MERKUR nepremičnine, d.d., is a contractual manager of all 23 retail and all logistic capacities of Merkur trgovina d.d. We also manage other facilities in Slovenia. To be successful at this, we work with our in-house engineers and subcontractors to ensure optimal working conditions in our retail, logistical and office capacities.

The principal activities of Merkur nepremičnine d.d.:

  • The sale of own business premises in accordance with the plan anticipated in the financial restructuring plan,
  • The lease of own vacant business premises,
  • Facility management,
  • The organisation and lease of stands for weekend promotions in common areas of shopping centres.

Facility management encompasses cleaning the facilities, keeping tidy the outdoor areas, technical maintenance of the facilities and the supply of all necessary energy products.

The key strategic guidelines of Merkur nepremičnine, d.d.:

  • To be a competent, competitive partner, rendering and organising the best management services for shopping centres and logistic warehouses of Merkur trgovina d.d.,
  • To lease out own vacant office, sales and warehouse areas,
  • To offer own facility management services on the market to other owners of large shopping facilities in Slovenia.